Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If It Doesn't Serve You - Let It Go!

September 26, 2014 UPDATE: It's been over a month now and it's going great. Down a size in my jeans and getting all my workouts in. Drinking way more water, haven't been taking naps and not ONE SINGLE Starbucks. Yes, I'm still going strong on the local coffee shops (faves include Picnic, Sitka Cafe and Parsonage). My wedding dress isn't quite fitting the way I want it to yet, but I have two months to the day today til I get hitched. Lots of time to lean down, but so soon til I'm married. Crazy.
Lovisa :) 

I've been in a bit of a health rut lately. We've all been there, but might seem ironic to some considering I work at a gym. I commonly work 7 days a week (not full 8hr days always and my own fault. Love what I do, what can I say.), busy planning my upcoming wedding and summer BBQ's and events have taken it's toll on me.  It's time to get real; time to get serious.  I'm putting it out there so people can see it happens to the best of us.  I'm putting it out there so you can help me be accountable.  I'm putting it out there to publicly practice what I preach and to hopefully help others.

I was recently inspired by a chic I follow on Instagram (@yoga_girl) who put out a challenge to her followers. "Break A Bad Habit" it said. "Pick one thing you do on a regular basis that you'd like to quit or cut down. It could be drinking coffee, soda, alcohol, consuming sweets, constantly on your phone, procrastinating, arriving late to work....anything you'd like to stop. If it's not serving you - let it go!

Make it something big. If the thought of quitting this habit makes you nervous, it means it's a good one. We tend to attach habits, routines and addictions as a way to comfort us and distract us from the work that needs to be done. Whenever we get stressed, sad or anxious, we turn to this habit (glass of wine, pint of ice cream, a smoke, whatever...) and it gives us a false sense of security that only last briefly. Truth is, these emotions arise because there is something you need to look at, resolve or work on. Do the work! Feel what you need to feel. Release the weight of your bad habit. Tell the world your bad habit, why you want to quit it." 

Saying it out loud is the first step to doing it, right? For those of you that know me, I drink 2-3 lattes from Starbucks a day. Going to get it gets me out of the studio for a few minutes, but it's just a habit. It's financially wasteful, not supporting local which I do with everything else I spend my $$ on, and it's silly empty calories. I commit to one latte a day from a local coffee shop (baby steps) and water the rest of the day. Had my last SB latte yesterday (see pic), and got one at Sitka today. All good so far. I also eat out a lot. I'm a professional at modifying a menu to make it healthy, but it's still wasteful. I commit to making and packing my post-workout brekky everyday. Also on day 2 of doing this (see pic: 2 hard boiled eggs, salsa, chopped green peppers). So far so good.

I put everyone else's workouts above my own. I commonly procrastinate my workouts to get work done, train clients, sleep in, etc. I need to get up earlier and do it, just like I tell everyone else to every bloody day. So I made a workout tracking sheet which is posted at the studio for all to see (also in pic). Got my workout in yesterday and this morning. Done. Feeling awesome.

On the countdown to my wedding this November, in Mexico on the beach (bikini time) I will only consume alcohol once a week (I love my red wine) and I can only have it if I've worked out that day. To clarify, I'm by no means a booze hound, but summer BBQ's, birthdays and concerts seem to make alcohol a far more common item being tossed down my gullet lately. No more. I need to feel good in the morning if I'm gettin up early to workout. By late November when I leave for Mexico, most of these positive habits will be just that again. 

I have a few friends that have jumped on the bandwagon with me (thank god, I need all the accountability and help I can get). Who else is with me? Who else is feeling like it's time to stop doing something that isn't serving them positively? Tell me your bad habit and I will help you stay accountable. We can do it together. Let's do this!



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