Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BDHQ-overs: Where are the now?

Jacquelin post Royal Vic 8km
Jes workin' it
We're 10 months into our BDHQ-over transformations.  We couldn't have picked three better peeps to work with and have part of our BDHQ family.  People have been asking how they're doing, so here's an update.  Chef John's update will be posted soon, so ladies first...
  1. Take a look at your 'before' photo.  How do you feel about where you are now when you look at that picture?  Internally and externally?

    Jacquelin:  I look so unhappy in the before picture, and so unhealthy.  Both those things were true - I was very unhealthy and very unhappy and really in a stuck place.  I feel much different now - I am happier, definitely more healthy, and I have more confidence both in my body and in my ability to face and overcome challenges.  I also have gone from a size 24 to a size 18!

    Jessica:  When I look at my before picture, I was definitely a different person.  A girl that thought she couldn't try new things, was scared of all the "what ifs" and someone that really didn't know herself very well.  This past 10 months I have learned more about myself than I have in 27 years, which I think is a major, major accomplishment. Maybe my greatest accomplishment in this process.  I am now someone who is willing to try something new and willing to fail, but most importantly, believing that I might succeed at something.  Who knew I could swing a purple kettle bell?!  All in all when I look at my first picture in this process I recognize what's happened inside.  Yes, toning up has been wonderful too and so is fitting into smaller jeans.  What girl isn't gonna love that?!

  2. Are you where you thought you'd be by this point, 10 months later?

    Jacquelin: No.  I thought I would be at a lower weight.  And that is tough to face.  Maintaining momentum over time has been really challenging.  But I also never thought I would swing a yellow kettlebell (36lbs) or enjoy working out or have a 10k and an 8k race under my belt, or even keep committed to this process for longer than a couple of months.

    Jessica: The short answer is no.  But when I started this process I thought that once I'm thinner, I'll be happy.  Once I'm thinner, people will like me.  Once I'm thinner.....well, you get the point.  I think it's a thought that a lot of people have when they are on a journey to losing weight.  No, I haven't lost as much weight as I thought, but like I said before, my inner journey has surpassed anything I could have thought.  That's where I step back and learn to appreciate this journey for the wonderful experience it is.  I think that the weight will continue to come off, as I continue to work on myself.  And having the wonderful peeps at BDHQ continue to support me in this, makes it all the more reason to keep pushing and losing the weight!

  3. Jacquelin - your goal was to be under 200 by the end of October. Are you on track to do that? Jes - Your goal was to be at 225 by September 30.  Did you make that goal?

    Jacquelin: No :(  it remains my goal and is achievable with some really hard work and focus over the next couple of months.

    Jessica: I am not down to my goal of 225 lbs, but I am still losing.  My goal for the rest of the year is to continue to lose and to be down 25lbs.  I think that is more than realistic and I've got the support to do it!

  4. What is your fitness goal for the end of November?  How are you going to achieve that?  What can BDHQ do to get you there?

    Jacquelin:  To use the yellow kettlebell all the time for everything, a 1 min plank and be running 15km a week.  I'll achieve that with my regular personal training and classes, running three times a week, focus and hard work.  BDHQ can kick my ass when I am just being lazy and be kind and encouraging when I feel like I can't do it.

    Jessica: My fitness goal for the end of November is to clean and press the yellow kettlebell 10 times on either side any other ideas?
  5. Has it been harder to have people watch your journey or has it helped to keep you accountable?

    Jacquelin: Both - It is so good for the accountability, and the support from the BDHQ community is amazing!  But hard when I feel like I am not meeting the expectations others have for me, or the ones I have for myself.  We are so accustomed to the quick fix, when really this is a sometimes slow process of real change.  Ultimately, it is a permanent transition to a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness, healthy eating and the emotional work necessary to address the root of how I got to be the 270 pounds I started out at in  January.  Hard, scary and good - everyday.  I am so grateful for this process.

    Jessica: Difficult albeit, since I've had my struggles throughout the year.  At times, I've questioned if what I'm doing is right when I'm not losing the weight that another person is.  I then give my head a shake and remember what yoga instructors always seem to tell their classes....don't compare yourself to others, it's your own practice (aka weight loss journey).  On the other hand these folks totally amaze me.  I seriously love the determination and dedication these people have.  When I'm feeling down I really do look to them for advice, guidance and support.  Let me tell you, they've never let me down.  So thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you Biggest Winners and beyond.