Monday, April 28, 2014

WCKC at Orange Kettlebell Club Comp

West Coast Kettlebell Club (WCKC) has been working hard since their San Fran comp in February. They just came back from an incredible performance in the OKC Vancouver Open Kettlebell Competition. With ten WCKC team members competing, five of them for their very first time on the platform, they could not have trained harder or made us more proud.  

Video below show team members Jenny Chan, Christine Broadhead, Kate Kuss and Risa Kennedy killin it (the ones in the Canadian maple leaf logo-ed s.

WCKC placings at the comp:
Rod MacMillan - 1st place 20kg Long Cycle, 1st place 24kg Biathlon
Patty Marshall - 1st place and Master of Sport (MS) designation 20kg Long Cycle
Jenny Chan - 1st place Biathlon 16kg and Candidate Master of Sport (CMS), 1st place Long Cycle 16kg and CMS
Geoff Haines - 1st place 20kg Biathlon
Mike Strangeway - 1st place 5 min Snatch 24kg
Kate Kuss - 1st place Long Cycle 16kg, 1st place Biathlon 12kg
Risa Kennedy - 2nd place 16kg Long Cycle
Christine Broadhead - 2nd place 5 min 16kg Long Cycle, 1st place 16kg Biathlon
Claire Kaufman - 1st place 12 kg Long Cycle, 1st place 5 min Snatch 12kg
Lisa Regenwetter - 1st place 5 min Snatch 12kg, 1st place 5 min Long Cycle 12kg

I know it's 10 minutes, but you can forward to the end to watch Patty's grueling finish to earning her Master of Sport designation.

More WCKC team members at the comp...

Next up for the team is the Victoria Kettlebell Sport Classic on Saturday, May 24 at Commonwealth Place. Come out and cheer on the team with us!

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