Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tales from Biggest Winners: Sandy Cook

Celebrating accomplishments is a huge part of transforming your life.

Transformations are evident here at BDHQ, and who doesn’t love hearing an awesome success story to keep us going into a new year.  At the end of December we celebrated yet another end to a Biggest Winners session.  You ask, who came out on top?  Meet Sandy Cook. She recently joined in our last session of Biggest Winners which ran from October to December 2012.  At her heaviest weight Sandy was 277.4 pounds and she lost 32 pounds in 12 weeks!

This is Sandy now:

Here is what Sandy had to say about her transformation...

How many times have you tried to lose weight?

I remember being on a "diet" when I was 15 and although it was not as much I had to lose compared to where I am this time it was the start of my dieting roller coaster of gaining then losing then gaining more then losing. With all the different ways of losing weight, be it "food programs" or the 30 minute workouts, or other gyms and diets, well I am sure you get the picture.

Why is this time different?

This time when I stepped on that scale I knew what the next middle digit would be and never wanted to see that figure. I knew my knees and heart could not handle the added weight. My husband and I had just been on a motorcycle trip and I found it more difficult to get on and off the bike. Also my jacket and boots where getting harder to put on.

What is your biggest accomplishment since joining Biggest Winners?

I cannot pin point one accomplishment, but an accumulation of them. My big goal was to be able to get on and off the floor by myself. I can do that now although it takes my brain and body to get in sync and may not be graceful, I can do it! Also, this past month my husband and I went for a ride on the motorcycle and when it was time for me to get off I stood up without having to use my hands and I did not even have to think about it. All those squats and sit stands are paying off!

What are you proudest of yourself for?

I am proudest that I was at every Biggest Winner workout and wrote in my book every day for the 3 months. This is something that I was not able to do with any other programs I have been involved in in the past.

What are your goals going into 2013?

I would like to see my blood pressure down enough that I can get off my medication. Also to be close if not at my goal weight that my doctor and I agree with.

Any closing remarks?

I would like to thank everyone at Biggest Winners from the trainers to the BW'ers for your encouragement and support. I feel it is going to be a great year.
Sandy, BDHQ is very proud of everything you have done to take on your health and your life.  Can't wait to see you transform and exceed your goals in 2013.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hockey Dryland Training

Since September 2012, BDHQ has had the privilege of leading dryland team training to players on the Ice Hawks of the Victoria Minor Hockey Association.  

From hockey specific drills, such as plyometrics, quick feet drills and sprint work, to using classic BDHQ butt-kicking tools like the TRX, kettlebells and battle ropes – all exercises used have been performed with one thing in mind – making them stronger, quicker and more resistant to injury when they hit the ice.

The younger Atom team won their Christmas tournament, so they’re hard work is paying off.

BDHQ appreciates the commitment that all the players have shown over the past 4 months, and we look forward to seeing their progress thru their upcoming playoff season!

If you’re part of a team, at any age, or have kids on a team, the importance and success of cross training to improve your game is evident.  Contact us for more info (see link) on how you can get your team, or just yourself, better prepared for your sport.