Friday, December 16, 2011

The BDHQ-over Contest - deadline is Jan 13, 2012

New Year's is just around the corner, and you know what that means ... rehashing the same old resolutions and hoping for a different result. We think that's crazy talk. That's why BDHQ is offering 1 man and 1 woman the chance to rise above the resolutions and make a real commitment that this will be their year for change with the BDHQ-over. We aren't talking a quick fix makeover here. This is a full do-over - a year of FREE personal training, studio and outdoor bootcamp classes combined with goal setting (and goal smashing!) courtesy of BDHQ, and an image overhaul courtesy of the style and beauty professionals on Johnson Street.

Maybe you're tired of sitting at home watching The Biggest Loser and What Not to Wear thinking, "Damn, if only I had my own personal Bob Harper or Clinton Kelly to unlock my inner potential". Well, friends, we have something better - Michele Shorter. Michele has made it her mission to help her clients live their best lives. She's more than a trainer. She's a pint sized, rock solid, honey badger here to help you identify your challenges, set goals, and maintain accountability. Michele and her BDHQ crew will coach you to sweaty heights you didn't think possible. You'll spin, lift and lunge your way through 2012 and unlock a healthier, sleeker, more vibrant you.

What You'll Give:

If you think you deserve the BDHQ-over, submit your application HERE, then send a full front and side profile photograph of yourself to We need your full commitment to total participation in the process - dedicated training for one full year, sharing your story on the this blog as well as sharing before, progress and after photos; being videotaped at workouts and at Johnson St style makeovers; monthly weigh-ins and measurements will be blogged; writing a monthly blog post on your progess.

What You'll Get:

In short, an opportunity to rise to the challenge and uncover your healthiest, strongest, best possible you.

The lucky man and woman will also win style and beauty makeovers throughout the year as they hit fitness goals from our amazing Johnson St neighbors and friends including:

CUSP Clothing, Shoes & Accesories
MYSI Majority
Paradise Boutique

Glow Luxe Beauty Boutique
Lululemon Athletica
MD Esthetics
Luv It Boutique

Plus lots more! Are you ready to make the commitment? Enter HERE and send your photos to by Friday, January 13th, 2012.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HardCORE Spin for FREE this Thursday

To celebrate our 16 brand spankin' new spin bikes that just arrived, we're holding a FREE class to launch our new HardCORE Spin classes. HardCORE Spin is a 40 minute sweaty spin followed by 10 mins of killer abs. This Thursday, Oct 27 at 9am, come try out this fun new class for FREE. First come first serve. The class will now be on the schedule every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9am at BDHQ!

There are more new classes being added to the schedule next week too....some later evening classes and maybe even an early Saturday morning class...stay tuned and see you this Thursday morning at 9am!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big losses = Little victories

The July - September 2011 Biggest Winner group collectively lost over 1,000 lbs. That in itself is a mind blowing feat that they should all be pretty happy about. But sometimes we focus so much on the number on the scale that we forget the small things that so many of us take for granted.

Biggest Winner Ambassador Nicki asked the group to tell us about some non-scale victories since joining the program. The responses she got are pretty eye opening.

Here is a sampling...

“I don't dread the meeting room chairs at the office like I used to.”

“Going on a plane and not worrying about the seatbelt not fitting, or walking up 3 flights of stairs at work without dying!”

“I don't dread the movie theatre like I used to.”

“Seeing a smile on my doctors face when I walk in his office!”

"Being able to move the car seat up so I can comfortably reach the pedals.”

“Dropping something on the floor and actually being able to pick it up :)”

“I rushed across down the street today and got the bus on time without being breathless! Only a few months ago I would have been outta breath....and waiting for the next bus!”

“Sitting in one of those plastic patio chairs and it not staying attached to my butt when I stand up. Woo hoo!”

Most of the responses were simple things that a lot of us never even think about. Part of what makes this job so awesome is getting to help people reclaim their lives and take back those simple things!

The other great thing is Biggest Winner participants are starting younger so they get to experience these simple things even earlier in life. I hope the trend continues.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Michele's Taco Salad

Michele is obessed with Mexican food and loves to put a healthy twist on this basic, but super tasty taco salad.

Your protein:
1 lb. "Just like ground" (1/3 cup is 10g protien. Could also use ground turkey)
Big can kidney beans
small can chick peas
1 jar salsa or small can tomatoes

Heat it all up together and put aside.

Salad dressing:
greek yogurt 1/2 cup
1/2 cup salsa
1 tsp low sodium taco seasoning

Mix it all up and put back in fridge until you need it.

1 cup cooked Quinoa with 1tsp taco seasoning (low sodium, same stuff)
Romaine Wedges
raw veggies or cooked stirfry fajita style
roasted garlic

Stack it all...romaine wedges, then protien mix, then quinoa, then veggies and top it off with your salad dressing and maybe a sliced avocado. Yummmmm..

Friday, September 30, 2011


Everytime I leave for vacation I tell myself I'm going to workout everyday so I come home super tanned and fit. Sadly, that plan goes quickly out the door once I land and instead come home sunburnt and bloated by cervezas.

BDHQ wants to change that. Get your killer BDHQ workouts on the soft, sandy beaches of the
Riviera Maya at the all inclusive 5 Star Resort, Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. Leave the dreary February weather of Victoria behind and enjoy the sun while having the accountability of getting your workouts in.

There will be 5 morning workouts, indoor and at the beach available during the week at no extra cost to your vacation. Nutrition guidance during your stay is fully optional and available free of charge.

February 18 - 25, price includes:
DIRECT flights to / from Victoria and Cancun
Shuttle to / from resort at Tulum and airport
Airfare, hotel, food & beverages
BDHQ trainers and workouts!

Pricing details HERE. $200 deposit required by October 12, 2011. Balance due 45 days before departure. Contact BDHQ to get on the list.

I hear Lovisa is prepared to knock on your door in the morning and force you to your workout if required...

Monday, September 26, 2011

A new Biggest Winner record!

Yesterday was the last day of another Biggest Winner session...sniff, sniff. Not one, but TWO women beat the old record (42lbs) for the amount of weight lost in one session. Molly Patton was the "Biggest Winner" having lost 48lbs and 53 inches in just 12 weeks! Jana Archer was a very close 2nd having lost 44lbs and 36 inches. The whole group of participants have lost a grand total of over 1,000 freaking POUNDS!!

They finished the session with another "Amazing Race" workout complete with road blocks, yields and 'carpools' full of kettlebell swings, jump squats and laps around the Parliaments buildings.

It was a beautiful morning and such a fun way to finish the session. Next session starts Sunday, October 2. CAN'T WAIT!! Winter promo on now...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

James, the amazing Kettlebell Juggler!!

BDHQ trainer James Beckerley and a member of his West Coast Kettlebell Club, Derek MacDonald, showin' off their Kettlebell juggling skills. Watch out "Russia's Got Talent"...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is Mommy Boost Month

Try out 2 Baby Bootcamp classes for FREE in September as part of a month chock full of mom focused lectures and events created by Elements of Health Centre (EHC). EHC want to give moms a taster of the wide variety of support available to them here in Victoria as well as practical information from distinguished and knowledgeable local practitioners. AND IT'S ALL FREE!

BDHQ's Baby Bootcamp Stroller Conditioning program is proud to host 2 FREE classes as part of Mommy Boost Month, a fundraiser for
Kusi Kawsay, a school in Peru devastated by major flooding.

  • Tuesday, Sept 13th - 10:30am - 11:45am - Rutledge Park

  • Tuesday, Sept 27th - 10:30am - 11:45am - Hyacinth Park

To register for either of these free classes, please call (250-370-9983) or email us( and for any other Mommy Boost events, please call the Elements of Health Centre at (250)383-2626.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bucket List - Biggest Winner style

The Biggest Winner (BW) group has been up to some amazing stuff so far in 2011. It all started with a little "Bucket List" of sorts that BW participant Brianna started... things she had always wanted to do but couldn't due to her weight. Certain activities out there have weight restrictions, so as Brianna passes a weight treshhold, she goes out and does the activity that her previous weight wouldn't allow her to do.

Indoor climbing at Crag-X was on her big list of things to do... and never one to waste an opportunity to inspire others, she brought along BW-er Christa with her.

Hiking Mt Finlayson was something not easy to do at her original weight. Since her big weight loss, Bri can now climb it with ease and helps motivate the new BW's to get to the top for their first time.

BW Jackie was a Mt Finny first-timer and fellow BW-er Nicki is scared to DEATH of heights. Both made it up to the top this summer with Bri and Jackie even got proposed to at the top by her boyfriend and fellow BW participant, Aidan!! SO COOL!! She said yes, of course....

Nicki and Jackie celebrating getting to the top with a plank.

Ziplining is an activity limited to people 275 lbs and under. The former Brianna at 360 lbs was not allowed to zip. No longer a problemo at only 185 lbs. And zip she did!!

Brianna challenged any of the BW gang under the weight to come out and zip too. Lisa, Nicki, Claire, Flora and Sherry all made it out for the fun. BDHQ trainers Lovisa, Melissa and Trish came out too. Such a fun day!

What's she gonna do next? Good question. You'll have to check back and see what she gets us all into...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BDHQ Fit Kids to help send Jordan to Nationals!

The purpose and mission of BDHQ's Fit Kids Bootcamp and Fit Family Bootcamps has been to implement the important message of health and fitness to kids and to encourage a positive attitude towards physical activity.

It's also never to early to teach your children about fundraising and helping those in need. BDHQ wants to do both, which is where Jordan Piercy comes in to the story.

Jordan's parents are long time BDHQ Bootcampers and have instilled these very lessons into their amazing daughter Jordan. She currently holds the Vancouver Island record for 300 meter hurdles and is top ranked in the province for 80 meter hurdles and 300 and 400 meter sprints as well as being part of the Top Bantam Female Athlete team on the Island. At just 14 years old, Jordan trains 12 months of the year and has won 2 bronze medals in the BC Games as well as a silver medal in this years High School Provincial Championships.

Jordan needs to raise $1000 - $1500 to attend Nationals in Ottawa, August 5 - 7. BDHQ wants to help her by donating all the money brought in by Fit Kids Bootcamp to Jordan. By teaching your kids that fitness can be FUN, you're also helping to send Jordan to Ottawa to kick some butt at Nationals!

The next Fit Kids Bootcamp is this Thursday night at 5:30pm at Rutledge Park. $5 drop-in for kids. A parent must attend regular Bootcamp at the same location.
MUST EMAIL in order for your child to attend.

Jordan volunteers with kids in sports and we'll be getting her out to help at Fit Kids Bootcamp and Fit Family very soon!!

If you would just like to donate to Jordan's cause, please call or come in the studio to donate.

Thanks for your help and thanks to Jordan for being such a great role model.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BDHQ July Newsletter

Kettlebell Open House
Saturday, July 16, 12:00 – 3:00pm

12:30 - 1:30 FREE beginner Kettlebell class. Learn all about
kettlebells and how you get an amazing cardio and strength workout in one. Vega will whippin' up protein shakes for all participants.

After the class there will be demo’s from the West Coast Kettlebell Club and Team as well as one day only promos and tons of door prizes from Massage Therapy Group, Pen Run, Kool FM, Vega and lots more! James Beckerley will be your host and there to answer all your questions about kettlebells. Come on by and bring your friends!

Upcoming Kettlebell Workshops

Kettlebells 101
Saturday, August 6, 2011, 1:30 - 4:30pm - $75

Kettlebells 101 workshop is ideal if:

  • You have been training with kettlebells but want to perfect your technique

  • You are a personal trainer who wants to learn how to effectively and safely teach your clients kettlebell technique

  • You want to learn how to build effective kettlebell programs to improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness

Kettlebells 202
Saturday, August 13, 2011, 1:30 - 4:30pm - $75

Kettlebells 202 is designed for those who are familiar with kettlebell basics from the Kettlebells 101 workshop or have other formal experience and seek to further develop their kettlebell skills and learn how to safely and effectively do and/or teach more advanced kettlebell exercises.

Full workshop details here.

Fit Kid Bootcamp
Thursdays at 5:30pm all summer long…

$5 drop-in per kid, per class
. Starts this Thursday, July 14 at 5:30pm. Email to register your kid(s), 4 – 8yrs old for this Thursday night. Your kid(s) will come with you to Bootcamp Thursday nights and get their own separate Fit Kid Bootcamp with their own trainers. Improve your child's confidence and their lifetime outlook on physical awareness. Encourage a positive attitude toward physical activity! One parent must attend the regular Bootcamp on that particular Thursday night (at regular Bootcamp prices) in order for their kids to participate. Have to be a good role model and all :)

Must email in order for your child to attend! We need a head count before class each week.

Corporate Bootcamps and Training
Did you know BDHQ trains many Victoria offices and corporations in
many capacities. Some do their own on-site Bootcamps, some come to our downtown studio for private classes and some do Office Weight Loss Challenges. We even have Corporate Punchcard packages available. We do it all. Call or email us if you’d like to set up a program for your workplace.

Baby Bootcamp Potluck
Tuesday, July 19 after class at Hyacinth Park, we are holding a
Baby Bootcamp potluck. Please bring a small, healthy dish to share after your workout as trainer Jenn gives out goal setting and attendance prizes. Open to all Baby Bootcampers, even if you’re brand new and weren’t a part of the goal setting challenge. Come enjoy a big baby play date after an amazing workout.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The adventures of Michele...

If you've been wondering where Michele has been lately, you might be surprised by the answer. Yes, she was in Arizona (her tan is killing me), but she has also been out spreading the good word of BDHQ!

Michele was recently invited to be a panelist at the Sales and Marketing Executives of Victoria’s June meeting at the Union Club. The full panel were local Victoria entrepreneurs from Cook Culture, Pizzeria Prima Strada, Only Human Furniture, Blue Bridge Theatre and of course, BDHQ. Members attending got to pick the panels brain on business and marketing practices and what inspires them to be in business. Not hard to be inspired daily by the best clients around who constantly shock and amaze us with their awesomeness.

Michele was by far the liveliest of the panel. Ya, surprise, surprise! She had the whole crowd laughing immedietely. If everyone wasn't in suits and heels, she would have had them all working out right there on the spot.

Way to go Michele! You rock.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mango Walnut Quinoa Salad with Seared Scallops

Impress your guests and family with a simple dish BDHQ-er Nicki whipped up that looks super fancy, tastes wicked yummy AND is good for you!

Dressing Ingredients:

1/3 cup plain fat free greek yogurt
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp minced ginger root
2 tsp curry powder
1/2 tsp each salt and pepper

In a small bowl, whisk together all the dressing ingredients.

Salad Ingredients:

1 cup quinoa
1 ripe mango, chopped
1 red pepper, sliced
1 green onion, thinly sliced
1 chili pepper, finely chopped
1/3 cup chopped fresh mint
1/2 cup walnuts, toasted and roughly chopped

Cook quinoa in boling water or chicken/veggie stock using whatever method you prefer. In a bowl, combine cooked, cooled quinoa and dressing until well combined. Gently stir in the mango, red pepper, green onion, chillies, mint and walnuts.

Nicki pan seared some yummy scallops to go with it. Serve!

Jambalaya - Biggest Winner style

Nicki's been cooking up a storm which means new great recipes for BDHQ-ers to try! On the menu tonight is a Jambalaya full of flavor and protein. Yumm...perfect for a cold summer night in Victoria.

2 cups cooked brown rice
3/4lb boneless skinless chicken

1/2lb shrimp
2 sausages (optional, or try turkey sausage)
1 can diced tomatoes with liquid
1 onion diced
1 pepper, any colour, diced
2 ribs celery, chopped
3 cloves minced garlic
2 tbsp cajun seasoning

1. Brown chicken and sausage in big pot. Remove from pot.

2. Sautee onions, celery and peppers in pot until almost cooked.
3. Add canned tomatoes, brown rice, seasoning and cooked chicken/sausage.
4. Simmer for 5 - 10 minutes.
5. Add shrimp. Simmer until shrimp are opaque.

Makes 6 generous servings.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 Week Trial of BDHQ’s 8 Week PT Program for $75

1 Week Trial of BDHQ’s 8 Week Personal Training Program for only $75

This one time sneak peak will show you difference of what your body can do when under the watchful eye of a trainer, not hidden in the crowd of a class. Get that extra boost you need before your vacation or wedding this summer or maybe you recently had a baby and need a kick start back into a routine. This program is normally only offered in 8 week packages, but we're going to let you try it out for a week and see what all the buzz is about.

Your action packed week of killer fun and fitness includes FOUR 30 minute small group (1 - 4 ppl) sweat dripping, high intensity, interval training sessions with BDHQ’s amazing team of trainers, plus ONE group class (indoor or outdoor). We will weigh you in to start and have you track your food for the week.

This offer is only available for purchase within the next 7 days and $75 is a great deal. June 1 - 7 is your window to purchase this one time trial.

Open to anyone who has never done the 8 week program before.

Must be used in 1 week from your 1st session and must be used before August 30/11. Limit of 1 per person plus 2 for friends.

BONUS PROMO - Should you wish to do a full 8 week program after your trial week, we will take $75 off total. Your 8 weeks must start before Sept 30/11.

For full details on our 8 Week Personal Training package click here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quinoa, Brown Rice & Bean Salad

1 cup brown rice (cook in 2 cups water & set aside)
1 cup quinoa (cook in 1 cup water and set aside)
juice 2-3 lemons
6 Tbsps extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 Tbsp tamari
1/4 cup diced red onion
3-4 green onions sliced thin into small rings
2 cloves garlic
2-3 Tbsps. chopped fresh mint
2-3 Tbsps. chopped fresh parsley
2-3 Tbsps. chopped fresh cilantro
1 can chick peas drained and rinsed
1 can kidney (or any kind of beans) drained and rinsed
1 cup edamame (cooked and shelled)..or you can buy frozen already shelled
freshly ground pepper (to taste)
1/2 cup toasted and chopped almonds

Can be eaten hot or cold and you can add any other kind of vegetables that you like.
Gets better with age too.

Friday, May 6, 2011

BDHQ's Jen Rose is SHAVING HER HEAD for Cancer

So what's is all the BUZZ about?? haha, I love a good pun. BDHQ’s Jen Rose is SHAVING HER HEAD and donating her hair when she raises $3,000 for cancer research. She is also participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer by biking 200km from Vancouver to Seattle on June 18th and 19th, 2011.

How can you help us ensure that Jen looks like James by the end of June?

BDHQ is hosting “Burpees for Bucks” where Michele, Lovisa, James and Jen will be smashing out one burpee for every dollar raised!

How it works: From $0 to $100, Jen does ALL the burpees. From $101 to $200 raised, Lovisa will join in. From $201 to $300 raised, James joins in too. Once we clear $300, we get to add MICHELE to this crazy mix! Anything above $400 is mo’money, mo’burpees!

I mean really, your trainers work you crazy hard…isn’t it time for some pay back?! Get your revenge AND donate to an great cause. It's a win-win.

Another amazing event being held is the “Bootcamp Poker Run!” - Sun, May 29
The Bootcamp Poker Run will kick off at 9am on May 29 from BDHQ and will feature 7 butt kicking stations throughout downtown. At each workout station, you will receive a playing card upon completing the workout. And don't even think of cheating as it isn’t necessarily the best card hand that wins the prizes....Yes, PRIZES! Entry fee for this event will be a $20 donation per person. Plus you'll get an wicked workout. Again, it's a win-win.

So get involved! Empty out your pocket change and drop your donation in the “Burpees for Bucks” box at BDHQ and save the date for the “Bootcamp Poker Run”!

Speaking of saving the date – the head shaving is being planned for Saturday, June 11th. Stay tuned for more info!

You can also donate online directly to Jen's goal for Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Biggest Winners - Why we love our job...

Wow...wiping away tears. I like to watch this video when I'm having a super crap day and it always cheers me up and reminds me why I'm so lucky to have the job I do.

The real thanks needs to go to the participants of the Biggest Winner program who continuely amaze all the trainers at BDHQ with their determination, courage and crazy hard work they put in week after week after week.

For those of you that don't know, the BW's don't get trained any different than our fittest clients do. We train them just as hard, if not harder.

Thanks to everyone for making this video...WE LOVE YOU!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

FITNESS TRIFECTA: May 18 - June 29

Think of this as a Running Clinic with some major perks...something Victoria has never seen!

You know how most running fanatics may not be the most flexible people in town, similar to your average gym junky not having the flexibilty or the endurance to run for very long periods of time. Yogis may be the bendiest peeps around, but do most of them have the endurance of a runner or the strength of the gym junky? Of course I'm totally generalizing here, but we're on a mission to train you on all fronts - the complete package!

Endurance, Strength and Flexibilty taught to you by the leaders in all three areas. So we bring you...

FITNESS TRIFECTA - May 18 - June 29, train - $199 for 6 weeks

($8.20 per session = wicked deal!!)

Technical Run Night with the professionals at
Peninsula Runners at 546 Yates St on Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 7:00pm

Cross Train with BDHQ on Fridays from 5:00 - 6:00pm

Stretch it out at "Yoga for Runners" with the amazing team at
Ashtanga Yoga Victoria located in Market Square on Saturdays OR Sundays (whichever day works better for your schedule that particular weekend) from 11:00 - 12:00am

Fun Run on Sunday mornings before yoga meeting at the gates of Market Square - mapped route and different starting times provided depending on your particular training distance.

The best of all three worlds!

Register at either
Peninsula Runner store:
3659 Shelbourne Street or 546 Yates Street

Call us at BDHQ if you need more info or have any questions. 250-370-9983.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A little taste of Mexico - Healthy Fish Tacos

Fish tacos happen to be Michele and Lovisa's favorite thing to eat. I was super excited to see that our friends Nicki and Brianna made a healthy version today to share with us. YUM!!!!! Think I'm going to have this for dinner tonight....

Makes 4 servings (2 tacos per serving) 8 small whole grain tortillas (100 calories or less each) 1 lb white fish (they used halibut, but you could also use salmon) chili powder ground cumin

1.Rub fish with spices. They cut the fish into "fingers".

2. Grill or bake. (baked it for 10 minutes at 375)

3. Assemble using 2 fingers of fish per tortilla with toppings of your choice.

Suggested Toppings:

Shredded cabbage

Pico de gallo

Adobo sauce

chopped avocado

fresh chopped cilantro

Pico de gallo

1 chopped tomato

1 chopped pepper

1/2 chopped red onion

1 clove minced garlic

zest and juice of 1 lime

chopped cilantro

sprinkle of salt

Adobo Sauce

1 cup fat free greek yogurt

1 tbsp adobo sauce from chipotle peppers (or more if you want it spicier)

lime juice

lime zest

1/4 tsp ground cumin

1/4 tsp chili powder

sprinkle of salt

Nutrition per 2 tacos, including all suggested toppings:

Calories: 378

Fat: 10g

Carbs: 37g

Fibre: 8.5g

Protein: 30g

Sodium: 538mg

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Got in Fighting Shape with Kettlebells

High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgen's used Kettlebells to get into fighting shape for her new chic gang action movie "Sucker Punch". Nice to see she isn't afraid of "bulking up" by lifting heavier kettlebells. Zack who?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Start running ANYTIME - if Flea can do it YOU can do it!

It's never too late to start running, and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is proving it. He just ran his first marathon this year and only started running 6 months ago. He did it in 3:52:59 to raise money for Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Pretty cool, I must say. Plus he's modeling crazy James toe shoes!

BDHQ is getting pretty excited for the TC10K and the Oak Bay Half Marathon Relay, both of which are coming up in May. Flea's video is a perfect example of why I love our Run Club and the Relay. Exposing people to running and trying new things while making it achievable and fun is just as rewarding to us as we hope it is to our clients.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 - An exciting year for BDHQ so far...

Wowzers, what a busy couple months it's been! January is typically busy in the fitness industry with New Years resolutions, but usually starts to simmer down by February. I'm proud to say that BDHQ'ers are committed to their health and as February and March began, it just got busier!

I need to sit and take a breather for a minute and reflect on what an amazing year 2011 has been for BDHQ so far.

Let me start off by saying how cool it is that BDHQ got picked by Douglas Magazine as one of "10 to Watch" for businesss in Victoria. An even bigger surprise that our own Michele Shorter landed the cover! Well, not really actually. She looks pretty darn good if I do say so.

As great as we as staff think BDHQ is, our achievement is largely due to YOU, our loyal and super fit clients who come day-in and day-out, achieving your goals, success stories and amazing fitness journeys with your positive energy and sweat and tears left on the studio floor.

The Biggest Winner group is a perfect example of this and they finally got some recognition they deserve from Shaw TV last week:

2011 has also brought a surge in popularity to James' Kettlebell classes, as many of you regulars know and now have to fight over kettlebells! haha Not to worry, another KB order will be here any day with a new batch of bells. Phew!

Like a true professional, James likes to stay on top of his game, for himself and for his loyal kettlebellers. He flew to San Fransisco this February to participate in Kettlebell "Sport Camp" led by world renowned Russian Kettlebellers Ivan Denisov and Valery Fedorenko. This was a gruelling and fun weekend (total oxymoron, I know) filled with all things KB and James has been like a giddy school girl ever since he got back!

Photo: Ivan Denisov presenting James with his participation medal. On the down low, Ivan also told James he had the best form of everyone at the Camp. I'm not surprised...

Photo: James and all the Sport Camp participants in San Fransisco.

Okay, my minute of reflection is over. Time to get back to work and kicking some butts into shape. We love you guys and we love our jobs. Big High-5 to ALL of you for you hard work and dedication to BDHQ. Let's make the rest of 2011 just as exciting!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

James at KB Sport Camp - San Fran, Feb 11 - 13

James had THE greatest trip to San Francisco for the WKC Sport Camp hosted by Ice Chamber and facilitated by Absolute World Kettlebell champion Ivan Denisov and Honoured Master of Sport, Valery Fedorenko. Ice Chamber just posted this video and it shows a summary of the weekend and you can catch some glimpses of James working hard. Personal pictures from James coming soon, so he tells me anyways. He's misplaced his camera cord apparently. If he kept it attached to a kettlebell he probably wouldn't lose it...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Startin 'em young at BDHQ

I think little Jade would like some kettlebells at Fit Family Bootcamp on March 5... she's ready to rock!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A message and invitation from Michele Shorter to YOU!

Message from Michele Shorter...

Wow, 15 years... It feels like just yesterday when Bootcamp was born. I remember thinking I would put people through an amazing 12 weeks and they would have a really good understanding of what they could accomplish on their own, in their own back yard, in our great city. I never anticipated the lasting friendships or how I would be inspired by watching those very people reach their goals, become "hooked", not only on fitness, but on the bootcamp community itself.

To my clients and friends I say thank you so very much for your commitment to fitness and living your best life. To my most amazing team of trainers I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much and delivering the best workouts this city has ever seen. I am moved every day by someone at "work" and am forever grateful for the many lives I have seen changed, including my own :)

Love Michele


We’re celebrating 3 amazing years at our Headquarters on Johnson Street. Body Dynamics itself is turning! Time flies when you’re having fun.

Founded in 1996 by Michele Shorter, Body Dynamics Bootcamp was Victoria’s first and only outdoor training program and remains a core part of BDHQ’s training philosophy.

We are inviting you, our valued clients, to our Fitness Extravaganza on Saturday, March 5 with a full day of FREE classes. Bring your friends and family! Special one-day-only promo will be offered, but you have to show up to get it. Hint... remember BDHQ-pon #1...

BDHQ’s 3yr Fitness Extravaganza - Saturday, March 5:

8:30 – 10:00: OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP meets at BDHQ for a Songhees workout. Baby stroller friendly class. If you purchased our GROUPON, activate it at this class and get entered for a FREE 2nd month of Bootcamp or Baby Bootcamp. Winner will be announced at the end of class.

10:30 – 11:45: THE DRILL with live music by DJ ANGER This class fills up fast and does have a limit, so get there early to get a spot. Call the studio to reserve your spot starting at 7am. Door prize giveaway at the end of class.

12:00 – 1:00: BDHQ 101 A class for those who have yet to experience what we do indoors on Johnson St. We’ll take you through a little bit of everything we offer... kettlebells, TRX, tires, ropes, drills, etc...A great class for newbies to try. Door prizes...

1:00 – 2:00: KETTLEBELLS Moved to 1:00pm for today only. Swing and lift some Kettlebells with the West Coast Kettlebell Club. And even more door prizes!

2:00 – 3:00: FIT FAMILY BOOTCAMP Show your kids how fun getting in shape and being active can be! Lots of prizes for the kids.

7:00 AM – 3:00 PM: FINAL 10LB CHALLENGE WEIGH-INS For those of you registered, make sure to get weighed in if you want to win your money back. Be down 10lbs from the first weigh-in and get your cash back.

Lots of surprises throughout the have to come down to see.
Thank you for your continued support. We love helping Victoria get fit!

From Michele and all the BDHQ crew!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

James heads to training camp

BDHQ’s James Beckerley is heading to San Francisco tomorrow for 3 days to train with the Absolute World Champion and Record Holder in Biathlon and Long Cycle for Kettlebells, Ivan Denisov, and Honored Master of Sport and 1st World Champion of Kettlebell Lifting, Valery Fedorenko for the most intensive kettlebell training camp to hit U.S. soil.

I'm nervous and equally excited to see what James will bring back with him for Kettlebell classes next week! I swear my arms are sore just imagining what he'll do to us... is it mean that I'm a little bit happy that James will get tortured all weekend as he has done to me all week? heh heh

HAVE FUN JAMES! Miss you already...

Monday, February 7, 2011

BDHQ Hits Pender Island

The ladies of BDHQ took over Pender Island this weekend for a dose of hiking, biking, swimming (synchronized, and there may be video to prove it...), second hand shopping and nature watching (aka Dani's sleep talking). Such a beautiful island and the staff at Poet's Cove were fantastic! Tercio and Pedro; our new buddies. Tell them we say hi if you stay there! The locals don't like to mess around on that one lane bridge...get outta their way! My legs are nice and sore from hiking Mt Norman. Good times with great ladies...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Steve wants to know...when was the last time you Bootcamped??

Ah Steve, gotta love him. If you have ever been an outdoor Bootcamp participant in the past, you are invited to come back for "Bootcamp 101" - $101 per month for 3 months. Offer runs Feb 1 - Mar 31. Get back to class this spring!

Even better, if you own a vintage, old skool Bootcamp shirt, bring it down to BDHQ on Johnson and trade it in for a brand new shirt for FREE! You can even keep your old one if you still love it.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Brianna's tuna salad

- 3 Cans of Tuna
- 1/2 cup of Fat Free Greek Yogurt
- 1/2 a package of Mann's rainbow salad (which is basically just shredded carrot, cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower), substitute would be whatever shredded veggies you want
- 2 tsp lemon juice
- 1 tsp each of dry dill, parsley & garlic powder
- 1/2 an avocado
- 1 hard boiled egg
- 1 tsp agave

It made about 4-5 servings

Eat by itself, scoop it on top of a salad or put it with some lettuce in a whole wheat pita.
YUMMMMMM!!!! Thanks Brianna.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nicki's Turkey Sausage, White Bean and Kale Soup

Thanks to Nicki Reich who made and took pics of her yummy soup for our blog.

4 Turkey sausages (Nicki used the Freybe Turkey & Chicken Italian sausage with basil & fennel)
1 can diced tomatoes with chiles
1 carton of no / low sodium chicken stock
1 can drained & rinsed white kidney beans
1 bunch of kale
1 glug Worcestershire sauce
1 glug balsamic vinegar
1 squeeze anchovy paste (optional)

1. Put big soup pot on stove on medium high heat.
2. Chop sausage into bite sized pieces. Toss sausage into pot. Cook through if raw sausage or heat through if smoked fully cooked sausage.
3. Add undrained tomatoes and carton of chicken stock.
4. Heat to boiling.
5. Reduce heat.
6. Add drained rinsed beans.
7. Add chopped kale. Stir through soup. Nicki likes her kale almost raw. It is still lovely and bright green. Stir it in to warm it though.
8. Add glug of balsamic and Worcestershire and optional anchovy paste. Stir.
9. Serve.

It takes 15 minutes total. It makes about 8 servings.

Nutrition info based on 8 servings:
132 calories
3.7g fat
14g carbs
5g fibre
13g protein

It is high sodium for those watching their sodium levels. Nicki used zero sodium chicken broth. You could also use a no salt added canned tomatoes.

Friday, January 21, 2011

ANYONE can Kettlebell

James is an RKC listed on the Dragon Door website. We are so lucky to have him train us and the rest of you at BDHQ!

Lovisa & Michele

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run, sweat, favorite things to do...

What a great turnout and run we had for our first "BDHQ RUNS" last Tuesday night!! Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us. It's not too late to register and get in on the good times...

Next Tuesday night at 6:00pm BDHQ RUNS will meet at PEN RUN at 546 Yates St where the knowlegeable staff there will do a short talk on the importance of proper footwear before we head out for our run. We can store our bags and keys at the shop while we're out, and PEN RUN will have some refreshments and staff available for shopping and shoe try-ons after we get back.

Anyone is welcome to come for a drop-in run for $5+HST ($5.60) and please bring cash as your BDHQ run leaders will not have debit/credit card machines with them.

If you don't want to run, but want to hear the talk and/or come get some new runners and gear, you can! This event is open to all BDHQ clients, family and friends. Come by PEN RUN anytime between 6:00 and 7:30pm and the great staff there will help you out.

See you next Tuesday!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Billy...

Billy Bush learning how to Kettlebell on Access Hollywood. Maybe someone should tell him the ladies at BDHQ lift wayyyy more weight than him...just sayin. Good on him for trying.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Corporate Training fun with BDHQ

(Graham Twigg, windsurfer extroardinaire)

“You look fat.”

The statement was delivered to me with a bluntness that only a lifelong friend and business partner could get away with. “We’ve gotta do something about this or we’re gonna have heart attacks before we’re 40. Look at Ryan. He’s only been here a month and he’s already put on 20 pounds.” “Speak for yourself. I still get out surfing and mountain biking. I’m in not bad shape,” I replied, saying it but not really feeling it. Truth be told, my most recent attempts at any of the outdoor pursuits I’d always enjoyed were marked by pain, exhaustion and all around feebleness. Long hours spent in airplanes and in front of the computer were driving our business forward, but were not making for healthy people. With the stinging truth of my colleague’s observation still making my ears burn, I made up my mind to do something about it.

My wife had been going to BDHQ for a while and assured me that ‘guys go there too’. And so our workplace fitness adventure began, fuelled partly by the taunts of our CEO as he pointed out the painful truth, and partly by a genuine desire to improve our health.

Michele Shorter of BDHQ struck a deal with us whereby we would bring our entire office to BDHQ for a lunch hour corporate boot-camp for two sessions each week. That was some two years ago now, and ‘gym class’ has since become an integral part of our corporate culture. I'm sure the financial ROI is there due to the fewer sick days, better focus and reduced absenteeism associated with having a healthier workforce. But for me, it’s really about the intangible benefits of having employees who are happier, who like that we do something together other than talking about work all the time, and who are ultimately more enjoyable to work with because they appreciate us investing not just in their brains but in their overall well-being.

On a personal level my fitness level has improved to the point where I can go out and do the things I like to do, at a reasonably active level without a constant threat of injury. The best training for surfing, skiing, mountain biking or whatever your chosen pursuit is will always be to go out and do that pursuit 7 days a week. But for most of us with limited time due to work, family and other obligations the training you get at BDHQ is a pretty close second.

Graham Twigg
Chief Technical Officer
Multivista Construction Documentation Inc.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rob demonstrating the importance of good POSTURE

How to lose 10lbs in two seconds...STAND UP STRAIGHT!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lovisa hits Ice Chamber

When I told James I was heading to Sonoma and Napa for 10 days over Christmas, he seemed excited for me, but I had just come off of a solid couple weeks of kettlebell training and I think he was worried I would lose my momentum. So he smiled and suggested I check out Ice Chamber while I was there and go train with the Master of Sport women's kettlebell team. Huh...well, I knew I would be consuming a lot of wine and cheese in wine country and would presumeably need a good ass kicking, so I took James' challenge.

Sara Nelson, 5 x Kettlebell Sport Champion was my trainer, and she was amazing. Super nice, super encouraging and a wealth of knowledge on KB technique. She gave me some great tips on my form (all things James had been telling me...sigh...) and an overall wicked opportunity and experience to pick her brain. And as one of the top female kettlebellers around, she is the perfect example that heavy lifting does NOT mean a bulky muscle bound body. In fact, the whole team are lean mean machines.

Steve Khoung, co-owner of Ice Chamber and one of the coaches of the kettlebell team was also there and super welcoming. The place had a cool vibe much like BDHQ. Thanks for sending me James! Now that I'm back, time to get back in my routine again.

Trish fillin' ya in on "BDHQ RUNS"

Get registered by January 15 by emailing $75 gets you Tuesday night runs from January 18 - April 26. Let the good times roll...

Just because...this guy is pretty cool.