Friday, December 16, 2011

The BDHQ-over Contest - deadline is Jan 13, 2012

New Year's is just around the corner, and you know what that means ... rehashing the same old resolutions and hoping for a different result. We think that's crazy talk. That's why BDHQ is offering 1 man and 1 woman the chance to rise above the resolutions and make a real commitment that this will be their year for change with the BDHQ-over. We aren't talking a quick fix makeover here. This is a full do-over - a year of FREE personal training, studio and outdoor bootcamp classes combined with goal setting (and goal smashing!) courtesy of BDHQ, and an image overhaul courtesy of the style and beauty professionals on Johnson Street.

Maybe you're tired of sitting at home watching The Biggest Loser and What Not to Wear thinking, "Damn, if only I had my own personal Bob Harper or Clinton Kelly to unlock my inner potential". Well, friends, we have something better - Michele Shorter. Michele has made it her mission to help her clients live their best lives. She's more than a trainer. She's a pint sized, rock solid, honey badger here to help you identify your challenges, set goals, and maintain accountability. Michele and her BDHQ crew will coach you to sweaty heights you didn't think possible. You'll spin, lift and lunge your way through 2012 and unlock a healthier, sleeker, more vibrant you.

What You'll Give:

If you think you deserve the BDHQ-over, submit your application HERE, then send a full front and side profile photograph of yourself to We need your full commitment to total participation in the process - dedicated training for one full year, sharing your story on the this blog as well as sharing before, progress and after photos; being videotaped at workouts and at Johnson St style makeovers; monthly weigh-ins and measurements will be blogged; writing a monthly blog post on your progess.

What You'll Get:

In short, an opportunity to rise to the challenge and uncover your healthiest, strongest, best possible you.

The lucky man and woman will also win style and beauty makeovers throughout the year as they hit fitness goals from our amazing Johnson St neighbors and friends including:

CUSP Clothing, Shoes & Accesories
MYSI Majority
Paradise Boutique

Glow Luxe Beauty Boutique
Lululemon Athletica
MD Esthetics
Luv It Boutique

Plus lots more! Are you ready to make the commitment? Enter HERE and send your photos to by Friday, January 13th, 2012.