Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BDHQ Fit Kids to help send Jordan to Nationals!

The purpose and mission of BDHQ's Fit Kids Bootcamp and Fit Family Bootcamps has been to implement the important message of health and fitness to kids and to encourage a positive attitude towards physical activity.

It's also never to early to teach your children about fundraising and helping those in need. BDHQ wants to do both, which is where Jordan Piercy comes in to the story.

Jordan's parents are long time BDHQ Bootcampers and have instilled these very lessons into their amazing daughter Jordan. She currently holds the Vancouver Island record for 300 meter hurdles and is top ranked in the province for 80 meter hurdles and 300 and 400 meter sprints as well as being part of the Top Bantam Female Athlete team on the Island. At just 14 years old, Jordan trains 12 months of the year and has won 2 bronze medals in the BC Games as well as a silver medal in this years High School Provincial Championships.

Jordan needs to raise $1000 - $1500 to attend Nationals in Ottawa, August 5 - 7. BDHQ wants to help her by donating all the money brought in by Fit Kids Bootcamp to Jordan. By teaching your kids that fitness can be FUN, you're also helping to send Jordan to Ottawa to kick some butt at Nationals!

The next Fit Kids Bootcamp is this Thursday night at 5:30pm at Rutledge Park. $5 drop-in for kids. A parent must attend regular Bootcamp at the same location.
MUST EMAIL in order for your child to attend.

Jordan volunteers with kids in sports and we'll be getting her out to help at Fit Kids Bootcamp and Fit Family very soon!!

If you would just like to donate to Jordan's cause, please call or come in the studio to donate.

Thanks for your help and thanks to Jordan for being such a great role model.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BDHQ July Newsletter

Kettlebell Open House
Saturday, July 16, 12:00 – 3:00pm

12:30 - 1:30 FREE beginner Kettlebell class. Learn all about
kettlebells and how you get an amazing cardio and strength workout in one. Vega will whippin' up protein shakes for all participants.

After the class there will be demo’s from the West Coast Kettlebell Club and Team as well as one day only promos and tons of door prizes from Massage Therapy Group, Pen Run, Kool FM, Vega and lots more! James Beckerley will be your host and there to answer all your questions about kettlebells. Come on by and bring your friends!

Upcoming Kettlebell Workshops

Kettlebells 101
Saturday, August 6, 2011, 1:30 - 4:30pm - $75

Kettlebells 101 workshop is ideal if:

  • You have been training with kettlebells but want to perfect your technique

  • You are a personal trainer who wants to learn how to effectively and safely teach your clients kettlebell technique

  • You want to learn how to build effective kettlebell programs to improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness

Kettlebells 202
Saturday, August 13, 2011, 1:30 - 4:30pm - $75

Kettlebells 202 is designed for those who are familiar with kettlebell basics from the Kettlebells 101 workshop or have other formal experience and seek to further develop their kettlebell skills and learn how to safely and effectively do and/or teach more advanced kettlebell exercises.

Full workshop details here.

Fit Kid Bootcamp
Thursdays at 5:30pm all summer long…

$5 drop-in per kid, per class
. Starts this Thursday, July 14 at 5:30pm. Email to register your kid(s), 4 – 8yrs old for this Thursday night. Your kid(s) will come with you to Bootcamp Thursday nights and get their own separate Fit Kid Bootcamp with their own trainers. Improve your child's confidence and their lifetime outlook on physical awareness. Encourage a positive attitude toward physical activity! One parent must attend the regular Bootcamp on that particular Thursday night (at regular Bootcamp prices) in order for their kids to participate. Have to be a good role model and all :)

Must email in order for your child to attend! We need a head count before class each week.

Corporate Bootcamps and Training
Did you know BDHQ trains many Victoria offices and corporations in
many capacities. Some do their own on-site Bootcamps, some come to our downtown studio for private classes and some do Office Weight Loss Challenges. We even have Corporate Punchcard packages available. We do it all. Call or email us if you’d like to set up a program for your workplace.

Baby Bootcamp Potluck
Tuesday, July 19 after class at Hyacinth Park, we are holding a
Baby Bootcamp potluck. Please bring a small, healthy dish to share after your workout as trainer Jenn gives out goal setting and attendance prizes. Open to all Baby Bootcampers, even if you’re brand new and weren’t a part of the goal setting challenge. Come enjoy a big baby play date after an amazing workout.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The adventures of Michele...

If you've been wondering where Michele has been lately, you might be surprised by the answer. Yes, she was in Arizona (her tan is killing me), but she has also been out spreading the good word of BDHQ!

Michele was recently invited to be a panelist at the Sales and Marketing Executives of Victoria’s June meeting at the Union Club. The full panel were local Victoria entrepreneurs from Cook Culture, Pizzeria Prima Strada, Only Human Furniture, Blue Bridge Theatre and of course, BDHQ. Members attending got to pick the panels brain on business and marketing practices and what inspires them to be in business. Not hard to be inspired daily by the best clients around who constantly shock and amaze us with their awesomeness.

Michele was by far the liveliest of the panel. Ya, surprise, surprise! She had the whole crowd laughing immedietely. If everyone wasn't in suits and heels, she would have had them all working out right there on the spot.

Way to go Michele! You rock.