Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bucket List - Biggest Winner style

The Biggest Winner (BW) group has been up to some amazing stuff so far in 2011. It all started with a little "Bucket List" of sorts that BW participant Brianna started... things she had always wanted to do but couldn't due to her weight. Certain activities out there have weight restrictions, so as Brianna passes a weight treshhold, she goes out and does the activity that her previous weight wouldn't allow her to do.

Indoor climbing at Crag-X was on her big list of things to do... and never one to waste an opportunity to inspire others, she brought along BW-er Christa with her.

Hiking Mt Finlayson was something not easy to do at her original weight. Since her big weight loss, Bri can now climb it with ease and helps motivate the new BW's to get to the top for their first time.

BW Jackie was a Mt Finny first-timer and fellow BW-er Nicki is scared to DEATH of heights. Both made it up to the top this summer with Bri and Jackie even got proposed to at the top by her boyfriend and fellow BW participant, Aidan!! SO COOL!! She said yes, of course....

Nicki and Jackie celebrating getting to the top with a plank.

Ziplining is an activity limited to people 275 lbs and under. The former Brianna at 360 lbs was not allowed to zip. No longer a problemo at only 185 lbs. And zip she did!!

Brianna challenged any of the BW gang under the weight to come out and zip too. Lisa, Nicki, Claire, Flora and Sherry all made it out for the fun. BDHQ trainers Lovisa, Melissa and Trish came out too. Such a fun day!

What's she gonna do next? Good question. You'll have to check back and see what she gets us all into...