Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BDHQ joins the Mustard Seed Food Fight

BDHQ is joining the Mustard Seed for their Great Canadian Food Fight; a national food and fundraising challenge with food banks from across Canada to raise the most food by weight in 48-hours.

This Friday, October 18, your BDHQ trainers will be volunteering at Save On Foods Arena at
1925 Blanshard St from 4 - 8pm collecting food and cash donations from the public. If you need some good karma in your life, please come visit us at Save On with your donations. Every BDHQ-er that drops off a donation gets a FREE 2 x class pass for a friend. Paying it forward! 

The Great Canadian Food Fight is a friendly competition between food banks to ensure the food security of vulnerable communities.

WHY: The food raised in the Great Canadian Food Fight is vital to the food bank’s ability to provide nutritional food hampers to more than 7,000 vulnerable Victorian’s each month throughout the winter and upcoming holiday season.

The Mustard Seed has never won the Great Canadian Food Fight, but raised almost 100,000 pounds of food in the 2012 competition and more than 500,000 pounds of food since it began participating. This year BDHQ wants to change that, and will help the Mustard Seed in their goal of raising more than 200,000 pounds of food in an effort to win the competition against the reigning champion, the Regina Food Bank.

FACTS: Did you know...of the average people accessing Food Banks in Canada, 4 in 10 are single parents and 1 in 3 are children or youth under the age of 18.    

Mustard Seed Wish List: Peanut Butter is one of their main items.  It’s high in protein and many of their guests don’t have access to cooking facilities, which makes peanut butter a healthy and accessible food item. Other items include: tuna, canned soups, and both fresh and canned veggies & fruits. Cash donations are used to buy fresh food and produce, and your dollar goes further with the Mustard Seed than it does with you at the grocery store as the Mustard Seed purchases food wholesale.

Hope to see lots of you this Friday at Save on Foods Arena from 4 - 8pm...

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