Saturday, November 13, 2010

Once upon a time...

What are these two laughing at?? Let me fill you guys in on a cool story...

It starts two years ago with Sherry McKay who at the time weighed in at approx 350lbs. She had spent most of her life severely obese. Worried about her mom's health, Sherry's daughter Christina bought her some personal training sessions for XMas. Sherry wouldn't leave her house for me to train her, so I would drive to her house in Brentwood once a week and train her in the privacy of her home. Baby steps, but that's all it took. Once Sherry lost her first 50 pounds, she got the confidence she needed to walk into the studio doors. Now she's part of BDHQ's Biggest Winner program and has lost over 130 pounds in total. Sherry is the true definition of transformation.
Here's where the story gets even better....Sherry's sister Corinne who lives in Calgary also fought a lifetime of obesity. The two of them started motivating each and keeping each other accountable over the phone while working out on their treadmills at home together. Well, Corinne just came to Victoria for a visit and guess what.....

Sherry and Corinne have lost over 226 pounds collectively! I was lucky enough to witness the unveiling of the 'fat pants'. A jaw dropping thing to see to say the least. These two sisters have achieved something amazing...they've started a new life, a new beginning. Let them be your inspiration. Let their story give you the hope you need, that if you're reading this and think it's too late to start getting fit, it never, ever is! Anyone can make the change. Sometimes it just takes baby steps and someone to believe in you.

We believe in you Sherry and we love you and are so lucky to be a part of your transformation! So great to meet Corinne and share in your successes.
All the BDHQ trainers :)

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