Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lovisa hits Ice Chamber

When I told James I was heading to Sonoma and Napa for 10 days over Christmas, he seemed excited for me, but I had just come off of a solid couple weeks of kettlebell training and I think he was worried I would lose my momentum. So he smiled and suggested I check out Ice Chamber while I was there and go train with the Master of Sport women's kettlebell team. Huh...well, I knew I would be consuming a lot of wine and cheese in wine country and would presumeably need a good ass kicking, so I took James' challenge.

Sara Nelson, 5 x Kettlebell Sport Champion was my trainer, and she was amazing. Super nice, super encouraging and a wealth of knowledge on KB technique. She gave me some great tips on my form (all things James had been telling me...sigh...) and an overall wicked opportunity and experience to pick her brain. And as one of the top female kettlebellers around, she is the perfect example that heavy lifting does NOT mean a bulky muscle bound body. In fact, the whole team are lean mean machines.

Steve Khoung, co-owner of Ice Chamber and one of the coaches of the kettlebell team was also there and super welcoming. The place had a cool vibe much like BDHQ. Thanks for sending me James! Now that I'm back, time to get back in my routine again.

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