Wednesday, February 9, 2011

James heads to training camp

BDHQ’s James Beckerley is heading to San Francisco tomorrow for 3 days to train with the Absolute World Champion and Record Holder in Biathlon and Long Cycle for Kettlebells, Ivan Denisov, and Honored Master of Sport and 1st World Champion of Kettlebell Lifting, Valery Fedorenko for the most intensive kettlebell training camp to hit U.S. soil.

I'm nervous and equally excited to see what James will bring back with him for Kettlebell classes next week! I swear my arms are sore just imagining what he'll do to us... is it mean that I'm a little bit happy that James will get tortured all weekend as he has done to me all week? heh heh

HAVE FUN JAMES! Miss you already...

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