Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And lunge..

With the fast approaching end date of the 10lb challenge, I'm sure many of you are wondering "How am I ever going to get that extra burn to drop my last 5 in three days?". Well, you can always do what this guy has done, and lunge with your pumpkin. It's an option to say the least.

This week around the studio, we've been working on our own transformations for the big weekend. James and Jes are going as senior citizens, which won't be hard for James to pull off, our newly discovered German, Lovisa, is going to be juggling jugs of beer (ha) all night on Saturday, Michele will be hiding her regular trainer self and turning a little bit meaner, but a whole lot less pretty and going as Gillian Michaels, and Trumps will be cartwheeling in a unitard around the studio as a Shawn Johnson look alike (knocking her teeth out with all her gold medals).

What are you all going as? Any big plans? The BDHQ team might make it to your party, we just need an invite, and a cheque... ok kidding, we'll do it for free!

We'll be chatting very soon...

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