Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do the Du

To Do the Du or Not, that seems to be the question..
Vis and Adrien are currently toying with the idea of participating in the Self Trancendence Duathlon on August 2nd.
To be honest, neither one of them rides a bike on a regular occasion, but thanks to a pulled hammy and sprained shoulder, that has changed. The girls are back on their bikes (as soon as Vis gets her tired pumped) and are going to be hitting the road for a rude awakening in the month of July.
If anyone has any training tips (quick laces on your runners, or what flavor of nuun is the best), or life advice for that matter, they'd be happy to hear it. They already cut the swim portion out of their triathlon idea.. something about green hair wasn't appealing for the blondes this summer....

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