Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big losses = Little victories

The July - September 2011 Biggest Winner group collectively lost over 1,000 lbs. That in itself is a mind blowing feat that they should all be pretty happy about. But sometimes we focus so much on the number on the scale that we forget the small things that so many of us take for granted.

Biggest Winner Ambassador Nicki asked the group to tell us about some non-scale victories since joining the program. The responses she got are pretty eye opening.

Here is a sampling...

“I don't dread the meeting room chairs at the office like I used to.”

“Going on a plane and not worrying about the seatbelt not fitting, or walking up 3 flights of stairs at work without dying!”

“I don't dread the movie theatre like I used to.”

“Seeing a smile on my doctors face when I walk in his office!”

"Being able to move the car seat up so I can comfortably reach the pedals.”

“Dropping something on the floor and actually being able to pick it up :)”

“I rushed across down the street today and got the bus on time without being breathless! Only a few months ago I would have been outta breath....and waiting for the next bus!”

“Sitting in one of those plastic patio chairs and it not staying attached to my butt when I stand up. Woo hoo!”

Most of the responses were simple things that a lot of us never even think about. Part of what makes this job so awesome is getting to help people reclaim their lives and take back those simple things!

The other great thing is Biggest Winner participants are starting younger so they get to experience these simple things even earlier in life. I hope the trend continues.

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