Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember Us?

Well we remember you- you might be surprised by that as we've bit a bit MIA on our little blog.

So what's new you ask (kindly I'm sure)?

We've got lot's happening first things first though- Vis is off the market- we will no longer be taking applications for dates- you will have to try the Lululemon girls next door- perhaps they are looking..

Big shout out to all the 10lb Challenge Finishers- don't know if everyone's heard, but we're trying to get Victoria to lose 10,000lbs in 2010. Canadian Olympians own the Podium, people at BDHQ own the scale. What can we say? We're that good.

Head here to fill out your registration and help us make this happen- not only for us- but for you too!

Hope everyone has been good- and the Olympic hangover hasn't hit you too bad. I know it's a little depressing having to get off the couch to get a workout in- now that the Olympics are over they are no longer a valid excuse.

Speaking of excuses- check the web site for our Spring sale- things are looking good-

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